Under performing businesses

Under performing businesses typically show the following characteristics

  • Falling or stagnant sales
  • Falling margins
  • Rising costs
  • Staff demotivated and under performing
  • Struggling to find a successful strategy
  • Unable to find finance

What People Say About Us

Some of our Solutions

  • Strategy reviews and business planning review the status quo and identify potential new product and revenue streams
  • Innovative methods to generate liquidity and funding
  • Enhanced marketing and business development initiatives create an upward spiral of success
  • Analysis of market trends to identify potential new sources of revenue and profit
  • Corporate finance network identifies suitable targets for acquisition to bolt on to gain “critical mass”.
  • Assessment and motivation of key staff is integral to the core turnaround offering
  • The identification of training and development needs in order to further skill staff
  • Business process re-engineering to make processes slicker and reduce costs
  • Focus on the reduction of key costs impacting on performance of business
  • Access to off market innovative funding solutions

“Zombie” companies

A new breed of companies has developed over the past few years – so called “Zombie” companies. These companies have no prospects and merely survive from day to day often because the bank will forego repayments on liabilities which the company cannot afford to pay.
Unless these companies reinvent and reinvigorate their activities they will undergo a slow but inevitable death.