Who we work with

We work with company owners that recognise they need external support in order to dramatically improve their performance.
We have worked with all shapes and sizes of businesses in all kinds of sectors at various stages of their development.
Current turnover or profit levels are not important – it is potential profitability that is the key to our involvement

The types of situations where we add real value are:

  • Owners seeking to improve profits prior to a Planned Exit
  • Owners seeking a strategy to transform their business profits
  • Owners seeking to grow by acquisition
  • Companies struggling to raise finance which is holding back growth
  • Start up companies requiring a strategy, a plan and funding
  • Under performing businesses not achieving their full potential
  • Distressed businesses which have deteriorated in to a downward spiral
  • Businesses in crisis with the threat of closure from the bank, HMRC or other creditors
  • Companies suffering one off special situations which have knocked them off track