Seeking an Exit

Some of the problems facing company owners seeking to sell their company:

  • Lifestyle business
  • Business depends on owners hands on commitment
  • Full potential profitability not being achieved
  • No defined clear strategy
  • Lack of business development function
  • No business plan mapping the route to profitable growth
  • Lack of integrated improvement plan
  • Lack of development of key support management
  • Present exit price unattractive
  • Who are the potential buyers?
  • What impact will tax have on the outcome?

We will work with you to build a strategy and build your profits to maximise the fruits of your labour.

What People Say About Us

Some of our Exit Solutions

  • Full strategic review to identify new product opportunities and markets
  • Three year business plan with financial projections to set “stretch” targets
  • Improvement plan addressing all parts of the business to support planned growth
  • Monthly management account variance reporting to immediately address elements not on target
  • Enhanced HR procedures to recruit, train and develop key staff as part of succession planning
  • Focus on corporate governance and risk management
  • Identify and tie up all loose ends that can be used as an argument for reducing the sell price
  • Determine the profile of target acquiror to target to produce the highest sell price.
  • Manage the disposal process to ensure the business continues to run smoothly
  • Pre-sale due diligence to identify issues which could impact on the sale price achieved
  • Tax planning to maximise the post tax windfall.

Sale Multiples are Falling

Most SME exit values are based on the profit a company achieves multiplied by a factor – say five or six.
The multiplier figures have been falling since the credit crunch of 2008
Therefore it is vital that the company owner seeking to sell his business should make the profit figure as high as possible to extract the most money from his prized asset when he sells.

Sale value of company making £100k profit – 5 x £100k = £500k

Sale value of company making £250k profit – 5 x £250k = £1250k

Companies Seeking an Exit

We work with other professional firms who will advise on the optimum taxation and corporate finance strategies to maximise your windfall upon sale.

HR and Recruitment

We introduce rigorous HR and recruitment procedures to ensure high calibre staff are recruited and thereafter are continually developed to achieve their full potential.