We Provide Finance Director Expertise to Growing and Ambitious Businesses

We work with companies that require the drive and energy of a good finance director to help them drive
growth and manage risk but cannot justify a full time one.

The service can entail half a day a month upwards and is completely flexible from month to month.

Typically clients require a higher commitment initially to set up systems, reporting formats and routines
and to recruit and train staff.

Thereafter as the company grows the requirement may ebb and flow as projects arise (implementing new
software, due diligence for acquisitions, fund raising, grant applications etc).

We Provide Strategic Board Guidance and Governance

We can act in the role of Non Executive Director (NED) contributing a wealth of knowledge, experience and
contacts to the business.

It is an accepted fact that SME companies have increased prospects of success if they recruit the right
fit of person to be their NED.

We can fill a gap in an SME owner’s experience due to our background in helping businesses find their feet,
grow or survive tough times.

We can look at the bigger picture because we don’t work in the business full time and this introduces a more
“outward” looking strategic approach at the market, customers and competitors.

We can provide an address book of trusted contacts who can help every element of the business.

Most importantly we can introduce a questioning approach that means the company fully addresses the pros and
cons of every issue prior to decision making.

We Provide and Implement Transformation and Growth Strategies

The production of timely, reliable and relevant Management Information is the building block upon which the
integrated improvement services are built.

The services can be provided as individual elements or a combination of a number of elements over completely
flexible time periods.

We undertake a review of the whole business and identify the wide ranging issues and deficiencies that are
preventing the business achieve its full potential.

We then produce a tailored plan which co-ordinates a series of improvement initiatives across all the functions
within the business and which can consist of hundreds of steps which cumulatively progressively improve

All functions of the business are addressed – Sales, Marketing, Operations, Manufacturing, Finance and IT and
Human Resource.

We Provide Funding Solutions Appropriate to the Business Stage of Development

Most businesses start with investment from family and friends before possibly attracting business
angel monies and bank lending as the business grows.

There is a large range of funding options thereafter to fund the company through its various growth stages.

Despite the wide range and types of funding available these can still be difficult to secure and
if secured can have a variety of advantages and pitfalls attached to each particular source which
are not immediately apparent.

We work closely with our clients to present the business case in the appropriate manner to attract the funding
offers needed to move forward.

We can then identify the most appropriate solutions for each stage of a company’s development, explain
the features of each one and negotiate the most advantageous and least onerous funding option.

We Provide Any of Our Services in Isolation or in Combination