Interim and Part Time Finance Director/Non Executive Director/Transformation Services/Funding Solutions

Finance Director Solutions (“FDSL”) is a business consultancy providing interim and part time finance director services to entrepreneurial and owner managed businesses – typically small and medium sized companies (SMEs).

In addition clients can benefit from selecting from a range of integrated improvement services tailored to their own stage of development.

Flexibility is the keyword working from one day a month upwards with the drive to ensure the benefits of the services exceed the cost.

FDSL was founded by Mike Mattok a business turnaround specialist who has spent the last twenty five years transforming the fortunes of businesses across a wide variety of sectors by implementing company wide improvement programs addressing all aspects of a company’s activities.

After working with large PLC and international businesses Mike realised that emerging and growing businesses would benefit from “best in class” financial and reporting controls to maximise their chances of success in the fast moving world we live in.

However Mike also realised that these same companies would further benefit from a range of proven integrated turnaround and growth techniques developed across a range of business sectors encompassing – strategy, business development, marketing, sales, manufacture operations and HR.

These techniques have been honed and developed in situations where the client was often in severe financial distress and fast results were required.

When these techniques are employed in companies in a less critical state they accelerate improved performance and profitability.

Mission Statement

  • To increase the profits of our clients companies
  • To improve the cash flow of our client companies
  • To increase the wealth of their owners


  • Membership of the Institute of Turnaround
  • Membership of the Chartered Institute of Taxation
  • Membership of the Association of Business Recovery Professionals
  • Membership of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

Cost Effective

  • Initial exploratory discussions are free of charge.
  • We recognise we need to ensure our benefits exceed our costs.
  • Benefits normally include a mix of cost and efficiency savings and new revenue
  • Wherever possible we like to link our rewards to some form of measured
    performance improvement.

Customer Quotes

“Mike is a straight talking, tenacious and energetic professional who is able to quickly assimilate wide ranging issues and problems and produce a series of incredibly effective solutions to overcome what seem insurmountable obstacles at first sight.  When a company is facing a turbulent time, it needs the right people around to manage the situation and Mike is certainly the right person to engage at such times. 

Mike managed the Group activities after huge losses on a large construction contract and despite a large cash hole managed to build up the other operating activities to gradually eliminate the funding requirement.  This initially entailed delicate negotiations with the bank and suppliers, aggressive cash management and the production of a credible plan which demonstrated the effects of a series of turnaround measures. This also included careful management of staff, as well as implementing a redundancy programme, ensuring a viable long term future for Scotts.  

In essence, Mike over delivered on the promised improvements in the three operating companies and the Group has gone on and prospered in a way that has delighted all involved.

In summary, Mike is an incredibly hardworking and committed individual who offers high energy and high integrity while still managing to combine it with a sense of fun. Mike is a true asset to any organisation and always exceeds expectations.”

David Scott, Chairman J Scott (Thrapston) Limited

“When Mike comes in to your business prepare yourself for some rapid and invaluable change.  I was within weeks of disaster after the 2008 credit crunch halved the company turnover.  Mike came in and helped me to quickly turn around every aspect of the business – strategy, sales, marketing, personnel, finance and operations and not only helped me save the day but laid the foundations for immediate profitable growth.  The new “green” strategic direction has allowed me to increase turnover 10 fold over the last three years and secure investment from two of TV’s Dragon’s Den investors to help me make Ploughcroft the leading company in the UK in the green energy sector.”

Chris Hopkins, CEO Ploughcroft Limited

“Due to the down turn in business in 2008 and the lack of profitable trading in 2 of the group companies it became inevitable that we would have to restructure the core business.  

With this in mind i engaged the services of Mike.This decision to bring Mike in was essential to gave me the ability to quickly and objectively review complex situations and simplify the apparently unintelligible in to a clear series of improvement actions and thereafter carry them out.  The result is that the reorganised and restructured trading company is now achieving record profits and the Group as a whole is rapidly building a cash surplus for reinvestment.  One of the best decisions I have ever made was to have Mike involved in my business.”

Chris Antich MD Antich & Sons (Huddersfield) Limited

“Mike has helped focused our business and managed us through a very difficult time, looking and planning forwards with a finacial strategy enabled us to avert what could have been a potentially unmanageable situation!”

Simon Payne, Manufacturing Director, Flowflex Components Limited

“Mike has an uncanny knack of identifying how unprofitable businesses can be made profitable and thereby producing money making opportunities for owners and other stakeholders.”

Neil Large, Partner Keeble Hawsons

“I have worked closely with Mike on two cases. One was distressed, and one was going through a period of rapid growth

Mike develops an extremely good knowledge of a business very quickly and is therefore able to identify the areas that are causing problems, and drive the necessary changes to correct these problems.

Mike is particularly good at getting people on board with the change that needs to take place.

Mike is highly motivated, dynamic and hard working. He is inspirational and I very much enjoyed working with him and learning from him.

I would strongly recommend Mike for SME businesses that are facing challenges (negative and positive) and require material change operationally, financial and strategic.”

Andy Bate, Portfolio Manager, Barclays Ventures