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We Provide Finance Director Expertise to Growing and Ambitious Companies
We Provide Strategic Board Guidance and Governance
We Provide and Implement Transformation and Growth Strategies
We Provide Funding Solutions Appropriate to the Business Stage of Development

Improve Business ProfitabilityImprove Profitability and Cash Flow in your Business

FDSL has since 1986 been helping company owners improve and transform the performance and profitability of their businesses by the achievement of Smarter, Faster and More Cost Effective ways of running those businesses.

Size is not important!

The current size of the company is not important – we have worked with companies with turnover from zero to £300m and beyond.
We work with clients and businesses where there is a genuine need or desire to improve profit, cash flow and performance.
This can be with a company owner wanting to increase profitability with a view to selling the business and maximise the return.
However we have also worked with start up, distressed and stalled businesses which have gone on achieve profitability far beyond anything envisaged or achieved historically.
We will only work with clients where we believe we can make an appreciable impact on profitability and cash flow, and we are able to drive improvements with tailored help and support for the individual needs of the business, and its particular stage of development.


  • You want to start planning to sell your company
  • You want to increase the amount your company is worth
  • Your sales are growing quickly but you feel you are not in control
  • You are unable to raise finance to capitalise on growth opportunities
  • You are consistently failing to increase your profitability
  • Your business profitability is falling and needs to improve
  • You are suffering cash flow problems
  • You are awake at 3 a.m. worrying about any of the above


  • You have arrived at the right place
  • Every problem has a solution
  • We can provide the right help, support, finance and advice
  • We can help your business achieve its potential
  • We can tailor cost effective solutions to your problems

Our Mission

Our mission is to help make client companies more profitable and to increase the wealth of their owners. We recognise the cost of full time expertise is a major issue to many growing and even established businesses. We help company owners drive improvements by tailoring the help and support we provide to the individual needs of each company at its particular stage of development.

Our Support

Our support is normally one of or a combination of:

  • Part time or interim Finance Director Expertise
  • Strategic Board Guidance
  • Implemenation of Growth Strategies
  • Sourcing appropriate funding