A major driving force in turning around the profitability – and entire future viability – of the company, effectively by a mixture of man and process management.

Mike developed an extremely good knowledge of the business very quickly and was able to identify the areas that were causing problems, and drive the necessary changes to correct these problems.

Paul Coburn
Portfolio Finance Director

Mike worked his magic on a failing company and transformed it into a profitable, reputable organisation. He is expert in changing and managing situations and people so that even the most sceptical come around to his way without realising it! Genius!

Jeanette Dean
Experienced and Professional Human Resources Manager

I have worked closely with Mike on two distressed/turnaround cases. On both (rather challenging) situations, he got control of the business very quickly and established an information flow that allowed for decisions to be made.
Mike is particularly good at getting people on board with the change that needs to take place. Also, he is strong on reviewing systems and establishing operational procedures.
I would strongly recommend Mike for SME businesses that are facing challenges and require material change both operational and strategic.

Dimitrios Tzililis
Partner Encore Capital LLP

Mike truly is a welcome breath of fresh air. When he comes to your business prepare yourself for some rapid and necessary changes. He is very passionate and talented at what he does. He cuts through all the bull$#!%, gets to the source of the problem and deals with it.

His personality and drive are infectious and he knows how to get the most out of all he works with. It was a pleasure working with you Mike and I wish you success in the future

Stuart Lord
IT Manager B3 International Limited